Diversity management is an essential part of human resource management strategy in today’s increasingly diverse Europe. The workforce is diverse (not just in terms of nationality, age or gender) and businesses need to be in tune with this fact, as creating diverse teams and respecting this personal and cultural diversity will soon be the norm that will lead to success. This is also why the European Union is placing increasing emphasis on promoting diversity in the workplace through various initiatives such as National Diversity charters and an annual European Diversity Month intended to promote and encourage diversity within the EU workforce.

The THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL project is seeking to support cultural change within companies by using the power of storytelling to inspire managers and employees to change, to share values, and to transfer not just knowledge, but experience and wisdom.

STORYTELLING can be a powerful tool when it comes to communicating and credibly giving substance to corporate values, by leaders and employees alike. Internally, storytelling is what motivates and engages employees, and helps them to buy in to the values of the company.

Through this project we want to build the skills and competences of chosen target group (VET professionals, HR, CEO of SME) to use storytelling techniques to explore diversity management and cultural change within SMEs.


Through the Think Global, Act Local project, the team of 8 organizations deliver a holistic training package that can change attitudes and foster diverse and inclusive workplaces within SMEs in Europe.

Our core objectives in the Think Global, Act Local project are to:


1) Support employers to take stock of diversity in their businesses and to develop diversity management strategies.


2) Use storytelling techniques and approaches to engage employees about diversity issues and provide them a space to connect with the culture of their workplaces so that they feel included and valued.


3) Engage VET professionals in up-skilling so that they can use the full suite of TGAL results produced, and gain confidence in working and teaching using storytelling.


4) Contribute to European workplaces becoming more inclusive of diversity.

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