BRCCI Bulgrarian-Romanian Chamber of commerce and industry - TGAL PROJECT LEADER

The Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRCCI) is a non-profit private association of companies interested in developing their business in Bulgaria and/or Romania. The Chamber implements numerous activities and projects in the fields of promoting entrepreneurship, vocational education and training, youth support, tourism, environment protection, innovation for SMEs, bio-energy, IWT. BRCCI provides market studies, research activities, analysis of sectors with potential for development, tailor-made services and mediation for the presentation of Bulgarian and Romanian businesses through specialized trade missions, network events, training and seminars on current topics of economic life, participation in exhibitions and many other. Together with institutions and international organizations, capacity has been built in joint projects for the exchange of experience and cooperation on topics of mutual interest related to the development of the Danube region

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenie - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent business organization representing the interests of its members (more than 6000 member companies, most SMEs). The CCIS member companies come from all sectors and all regions in Slovenia. CCIS unites 26 branch associations representing all important industry and manufacturing sectors and has 13 regional offices in Slovenia. CCIS employees provide know-how, expertise, and knowledge in various areas and topics.

CCIS has the status of a representative Chamber of Commerce and is a partner for the government in preparing legislation and policy strategies. CCIS is a member of numerous governmental bodies, boards, and committees, providing know-how and expertise in various fields of education and learning. Diversity and sustainability are two key fields in our chamber that are supported by various actions and initiatives.

SEMwell MotionDigital

SEMwell aMotion Digital is a start-up founded in 2019 in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to support children, youth and adults in inclusive, respectful and compassionate care for their individual and community wellbeing and inspiring them to engage in a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of the world. As part of our mission we are connecting with other organizations and educational institutions in Europe with similar goals.

MINDSHIFT Talent Advisory

Mindshift is a consulting company specialised in Human Resources that invests in the performance and upskilling of people’s competences, seeking to boost the digital and interpersonal maturity in organisations and society.
At national level, Mindshift has as one of its main partners The Key Talent Portugal, a HR Tech Consulting specialised in Social Attraction and Talent Assessment that develops platforms, such as Panorama and AplyGo, that allow to optimise, implement and manage digital, agile and attractive HR processes based on data analysis.

At European level, we are a strategic partner for the development of transnational cooperation projects aiming to create innovative solutions in the area of youth and adult training, in six key-areas: upskilling & reskilling, inclusion & employability, sustainable development, women empowerment, entrepreneurship & creativity, and digital talent.
Mindshift is strongly committed to the principles of Social Responsibility and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, bringing together a multidisciplinary team.

Institute of development N. Charalambous

The Institute of Development (IoD) was established in 2003 with a vision to contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life through the continuous development of the individual, the family, and the human resources of organizations. The Institute promotes resilience, career counselling, mindfulness, mental health, and a positive outlook to life, the boost of creative skills, increasing performance, and experience of happiness. It offers training, mentoring and counselling for human resources in schools, enterprises and other organizations in the public and private sector. Since 2003, more than 400 workshops for teachers and young people and about 1200 lectures to parents have been delivered in Cyprus and Europe. For its educational and training activities, it collaborates with professionals from Universities from Cyprus and other EU Countries. The main activities of the Institute include training on subjects such as cooperative learning, digital skills, youth empowerment, self‐awareness, self-esteem, values and creative thinking, life and employability skills, positive psychology applications, career guidance and educational programmes.

FIP - Future In Perspective

Future In Perspective is a private company based in the border region of Ireland specializing in the areas of education and e-learning, media production, strategic planning and business development and evaluation.  Through our work on national and EU funded projects, we have engaged and supported local youth groups, migrant communities, older persons, and individuals who have been absent from education to re-engage with service providers and mainstream education and training offerings.


Exeo Lab is a multivalent, flexible young company that envisions a sustainability-driven society. Exeo Lab is working to demonstrate that local development is the key to attract projects, skills, opportunities and networks for community growth. Exeo Lab is a partnership of policy specialists, whose founding members have more than a decade of actual experience in consulting services to public and private entities. The main aims and fields of expertise comprise: technical assistance to the P.A., business development, social entrepreneurship, territorial development, internalization, cooperation. Infact Exeo Lab participates in regional, national and transnational projects aimed at creating developmental opportunities for the involved territories, especially in the field of entrepreneurship, social and work inclusion.

StoryBag - stories for organisations and education

Stories play an important role in the development of cognition, social skills, meaning- and sensemaking, and thus understanding. Stories engage, make curious, ignite empathy and connect. At Storybag we believe that narrative approaches are widely applicable: in education, during change and/or transformations within communities and organisations, and more. Working with stories can contribute to cohesion and resilience, to planning concrete actions for the future, and to commitment to these actions.

The results show that working with and through stories has effect, not only in the real world but also in the digital one. In the course of the projects (and in our daily work as consultants, lecturers and researchers) we also develop manuals, workshops and trainings within different areas, all of them a solid basis for organisational, community- and educational work.

Storybag is a partner in diverse European educational projects (Erasmus+). The combined knowledge and experience of project partners all over Europe provides opportunities to explore the wide applicability of narrative approaches and applied storytelling. 

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