The THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL, DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT project is seeking to support cultural change within companies by using the power of storytelling to inspire managers and employees to change, to share values, and to transfer not just knowledge, but experience and wisdom.

STORYTELLING can be a powerful tool when leaders want to communicate the company’s values. Internally, storytelling is what motivates and engages employees, and helps them to buy in to the values of the company.

Stories provide a non-intrusive”, organic means of producing SUSTAINABLE CULTURE CHANGE conveying brands and values, and transferring  complex tacit knowledge.

We can make actual PROGRESS IN INCLUSION by implementing a story-based approach where employees are encouraged to tell their stories, own them, and consider how they impact their day-to-day experiences at work.


Qui troverete gli inviti ai nostri workshop gratuiti, la formazione e anche le notizie dal mondo delle risorse umane, della gestione della diversità e dello storytelling.


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